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Consumer and Industrial Electrical


Designed To Work On The Shop Floor
Gardner Denver's ApexTM Series is focused on what workers in the field have been asking for.

The ApexTM Series has one of the smallest footprints in the industry. Giving you more air while taking up less space.

A Quiet Enclosure Means a Low Sound Level
Thick steel metal and sound dampening foam ensure you get the power and performance you expect without the extra noise. This gives you a better product and an overall better workplace to help optimize productivity.

AirSmart G2TM Controller
Built on the foundation of being simple and easy-to-use, the AirSmart G2TM gives you the critical information with the push of a button. It provides early warnings and maintenance notifications so you can take care of the situation before it becomes a problem.

  • Boitier insonorisant
  • Liquide synthétique de prime de 8000 heures
  • Faible entrainement d'huile
  • Conçu pour un cycle d'utilisation de 100%
  • Sécheur d'air intégré (en option)
  • Réservoir intégré (en option)